Makeup artist Lizeth Lanz Schattner was born in Mexico, daughter to a radio DJ and a Medical doctor. She was always attracted to drawing and attended some art classes. She learned how to play the guitar at 15 years old claiming it kept her out of trouble.

Ms. Lanz earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and concentrated on working in clinical therapy.  In parallel, her artistic side was nurtured through belly dance practice, performance, and instruction.  It was backstage where her love for makeup was born.

Years later she took a small makeup class with a Salon owner for a couple of months, these were personal and not very structured, but it got her some practice with salon clients.

Often she fantasized pursuing a career in makeup artistry but the idea of abandoning psychology didn’t fit in her beliefs.  It was when she moved to the United States that Lizeth had the rare opportunity to start over; to pause and assess her ideal discipline.  She decided to enter the Maquillage Makeup Academy and quickly started volunteering for gigs to gain experience.

Today she focuses on Retail jobs selling cosmetics, doing Makeup for Weddings, TV, commercials, short films, fashion shows, special events, and festivals. In addition, as a side project, she prints shirts with her designs, taking part of the profit to help animal shelters.

Freelanz Makeup is a play-on-words relating “freelance” with Lizeth’s maiden name “Lanz.”


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